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Employee director elected to Guerbet's Board of Directors

30.11.2017 18:00

Guerbet's amended articles of incorporation were approved by the combined general meeting on May 19, 2017, allowing for the election of an employee director starting in 2017 under Article L.225-27 of the French Commercial Code. The new employee director was elected on November 25.

Villepinte (France), November 30, 2017 (6pm CET) – Guerbet (FR0000032526 GBT), a global specialist in contrast agents and solutions for medical imaging, announced today the election of Isabelle Raynal to the company's Board of Directors as an employee director.

Isabelle Raynal has 22 years of experience within the Group and is currently a project manager/portfolio manager for the Strategic Projects & Corporate Secretary Division at Guerbet's head office in Villepinte. 

She previously worked as head of the oncology field and MRI/analytical chemistry specialist. 

"The election of an employee director, which the Board of Directors decided to initiate starting this year, will make the Board more diverse and well-rounded. We are delighted to welcome Isabelle Raynal, Guerbet employee, for a six-year term. Guerbet's employees are the drivers behind the company's performance. We are committed to making sure they are well involved in helping the Group move forward. We were very pleased with the interest this election inspired within the Group, with eight candidate lists from all our sites in France," says Marie-Claire Janailhac-Fritsch, chair of Guerbet's Board of Directors.

Guerbet's human-resources and communications teams launched a special communications program to inform the Group about the process for electing the employee director. By organizing information sessions and distributing editorial and multimedia content, the Group was able to spread the word to all Guerbet employees in France.

Guerbet's Board of Directors now has 11 members: 

  • Marie-Claire Janailhac-Fritsch, Chair of the Board
  • Yves L'Epine, Director, Chief Executive Officer 
  • Marion Barbier, Director
  • Mark Fouquet, Director
  • Eric Guerbet, Director
  • Didier Izabel, Director
  • Céline Lamort, Director
  • Nicolas Louvet, Director
  • Claire Massiot-Jouault, Director
  • Isabelle Raynal, Employee Director
  • Thibault Viort, Director

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