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Eric Guerbet & Thibault Viort Appointed to Guerbet Board of Directors

22.05.2017 10:00

Guerbet announced the appointment of Eric Guerbet and Thibault Viort as directors for the next six years.

The nominations were approved at Guerbet’s Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting on May 19. During this General Meeting, Marie-Claire Janailhac-Fritsch and Marion Barbier were also renewed as directors.

Eric Guerbet   Thibault Viort

Guerbet’s Board of Directors met after the General Shareholders’ Meeting and passed a motion to renew the mandate of Marie-Claire Janailhac-Fritsch as Chairwoman of the Board of Directors. Marie-Claire Janailhac-Fritsch is proud of the new composition of the Board and stated that: “In this ‘all digital’ era, it is crucial that Guerbet successfully complete its digital transformation so that it can innovate and conquer new markets. We are very happy to welcome Eric Guerbet and Thibault Viort among us, who bring with them their digital and IT expertise”.

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The Guerbet Board of Directors is composed of ten directors: Find out more

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