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Q1 2017 revenue: Confirmation of the trend that started in the fourth quarter of 2016

27.04.2017 17:45

€197.3 million at constant exchange rates, up 7.4%

Guerbet is publishing revenue of €203.1 million for the 1st quarter of 2017, up by 10.5% at current exchange rates (7.4% at constant exchange rates) compared with the same period last year.

Activity is growing in Europe and in the Other Markets. The 1st quarter 2017 revenue in Europe totaled €95.3 million, up 2.2% at constant exchange rates, given the now effective prioritization of product/market pairings (for X-rays in particular). Sales are still growing strongly in the Other Markets, especially in Asia, a priority development zone for the Group, as well as in the US and Latin America, and particularly Brazil.

At constant exchange rates, activity grew in every segment:

  • The MRI segment reported revenue of €65.6 million, representing a 10.4% increase, thanks to steady sales of Dotarem® in the US
  • The X-ray segment rose by 4.2% to €94.5 million, particularly due to the excellent performance of Optiject®
  • Sales were stable in the IRT segment at €12.1 million (+0.9%)
  • The Imaging Solutions and Services (ISS) segment gained considerable ground (+27.5%) with revenue of €20.0 million, confirming the trend that started at the end of 2016.

Outlook for 2017: return to growth

In less than eighteen months, the declining sales of the business acquired at the end of 2015 were strategically turned around. The strong performance in the 1st quarter of 2017 for all four product segments reflects this success achieved and gives a confidence boost to the Group, which is confirming its full-year growth target.

Upcoming events:
Publication of H1 2017 revenue
July 27, 2017, after trading

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